WPSAC logoThe idea behind the Collective is to consolidate and extend academic feminist efforts around the UN’s ‘Women, Peace and Security’ agenda for the duration of Australia’s term on the UN Security Council (2013-14).

We are fortunate in Australia and New Zealand to have a close-knit, committed and vibrant feminist academic community and we would like to harness some of this energy and expertise to make careful interventions into policy discussions about international peace and security priorities during this crucial time.

With Australia’s 2012 launch of a 1325 National Action Plan, its recent successful bid to join the UN Security Council for a 2 year term (including 2 months Presidency of the SC) and its position on the board of UN Women from 2013 there is a window of opportunity for feminist security studies research in this region to inform international practice/policy.


While we are all employed at institutions of higher education, our views are our own and do not ever represent the views of our employers.

While we adopt the language of the UN’s ‘Women, Peace and Security’ agenda, we are interested in the many ways in which gender matters to debates around peace and security; our usage of this language should not be taken to imply that we are only concerned with the experiences of (cis)women.

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